Our first summer 2018 tourney is in the books (and our second as an organization). Our club record for the day was 3-2-1, but more importantly our boys HAD FUN, played the game with respect and honor, were competitive and enjoyed themselves and their teammates. For those of you that have been in the lacrosse club circuit for a while, you will know that those characteristics are few and far between. Some of our Pride coaching points are:

  • Be respectful – on and off the field.
  • Work hard / be coachable – The work you put in off the field will always be reflected on the field.
  • Focus/ Pay attention – When coaches are talking, players must be listening.

Our goals are to continuously get better as players, teammates and young men. We are looking forward to a great week of practice. We will be cleaning up some areas that we thought needed work. We will continue to have our FOGO coach working with the boys. We will also have a goalie coach coming to work with the goalies, as well an assistant coach starting this week for the 2023 team. We look forward to LI Laxfest this weekend and our inaugural Pride Player Appreciation BBQ next week. Please continue to reach out to our coaches and coordinators with questions, comments or suggestions.